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7 Reasons to Get Better at Grooming

Grooming your dog is an essential part of dog ownership.  Many people are familiar with the basics such as removing tangles and shampooing for a great, clean shine.  It’s worth looking further into the world of dog grooming because there are many benefits you may not have considered before.

The first thing to realize is that grooming is not just for improving the look of your dog’s coat. There are also many health benefits if you groom regularly. You’ll want to start right away because:

  • Grooming will take away dead hair and skin. This will not only remove an unsightly and unwanted mess, it will also improve that air circulation to your dog’s coat. This is essential in the summertime when it’s hot and humid.
  • You’ll also find that grooming increases the blood flow to hair follicles. In turn, this will improve the health of your dog’s whole coat.
  • Grooming also stimulates the lymphatic system, which is similar to the results a human would get from a deep tissue massage.
  • Another benefit of grooming is that it will put your dog in a great mood. Combine this with your gentle voice and you’ll be helping to strengthen the bond that is between you.
  • A benefit that many people don’t think about is that you will become more familiar with your dog’s body while grooming. That means you will be able to detect many health problems that might occur.
  • You may find ticks or other insects that are attached to your dog.  These can be very deadly so keep an eye out for them.
  • While you are grooming your pet you will also want to clip their nails. This will give you a chance to check the pads of their feet to see if there are any problems.

If you don’t have the essential grooming materials you can certainly find them at your local pet supply stores.  If you would rather shop online there are many stores that offer the equipment for sale as well.  As an added bonus you will also find a lot of great information and advice on the web.

For those who want to know more, your local community college may offer a program to teach dog owners how to groom.  Dog clubs and other dog related groups might offer training as well.

If you move beyond the basics and become an excellent groomer you might even want to think about starting your own service.  There are many pet owners who don’t have the time and know-how to groom their dogs themselves, but know it is a necessity.  Turn their ignorance into dollars as you groom others’ pets part time or even full time.

Even if you don’t opt to start your own service you will be able to rest assured that your own dog is being properly cared for.  There are obviously many rewards that go hand in hand with grooming, so start as soon as possible.